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So I woke up this morning and decided to take my daughter tagging.

But realized it was a school day so I called V8 instead and made plans for a full day of riding

I headed over to Garrison and grabbed the dino

and headed over to the Fife and Drum in Kent, CT to meet V8 for lunch. Dino's are cold blooded and this guy was pretty lethargic due to teh cool weather

I put him over on another table near a heat duct to get his blood pumping and when I returned I discovered he had made a new friend

The new guy was flakey as hell. Introducing himself as Ken but gunther and I decided this TOR was only big enough for one Ken so we quickly came up with a nick name ..Metrosexual special agent 0061. When he excused himself to go to the bathroom we quickly packed up dino and left 0061 with the bill, or so we thought..

It seems 0061 secreted himself on V8's bike. the four of us rode off with the waiter running after us with the bill. If he's reading this we're very sorry we really thought 0061 was gonna pay...

With intents of running dino upto Haystack Mountain we headed North East only to discover the gates were closed We continued on exploring Barry Hill road and was going to drop dino therebut he wanted nothing to do with that road for some reason so we pressed on trying to find a spot he would be happy in...


My old rusty piece of crap Honda died

A group effort was undertaken and it was determined the old girl drank all her oil

Fuck in the middle of nowhere and no oil what could we do? Before Gunther or I could do anything 0061 picked up a rock

and killed poor dino

he then proceeds to squeeze every last drop of oil out of the poor fellow

V8 and I stood by in horror not believing our eyes. shocked and paralyzed with fear we were unable top do anything but stand and watch in horror as 0061 humped the shit out of poor dinos oil drained corpse

When we were finally able to react we pulled 0061 off dino but there was nothing we could do. We called the cops but they refused to help saying they did not investigate dinocides, we begegd and begged but they explained it was a metrocide and that just because you wore a pink bow tie it didnt make it a homo

Distraught we took 0061 stuffed him in a box and wedged him into the crotch of a downed tree since he seemed to like being in teh crotch of downed dead things...

On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died.

Go forth and be a force of the awesome!

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