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Originally Posted by Tee2 View Post
Of the SX races I've been to St Louis is the best to watch at. Get a seat in the first balcony and you can see everything.

We are planning on St. Louis, Indy, and Detroit. Indy is a cool stadium but the view isn't as good. We get the cheap seat there because the mid price ones aren't much better. Haven't been to Detroit yet.
thanks. Detroit, good luck getting people to travel to there the whole town is a ghetto/battle zone! I know St' Louis has some vintage activity as well in there is a bike museum in town, Dave Mungenasts if I spelled it right. Not quite the Barber museum but worth a Friday visit from what I've seen and I believe they have some pre race activities there. I think St. Louis had a dinner with Marty Smith a few years ago. Personally I'd like dinner with Diana Dahlgren I'd even pay for her drinks.
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