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Just go back from seeing this movie. I thought they did a good job. The filming was amazing. I like to hear stories of how people got into motorcycling. There are some great shots of kids and big grins.

For me, it did focus a little too much on racing. Maybe if I had done some racing I would like that part more. A little racing is great but too much for me.

Dirt bikes just look like too much fun. I need to get into that as well and have been thinking about it for some time. My 35 years of riding have been all street but I remember when I was a small kid, how much I wanted that Honda SL70. It hurt.

Some of the characters are quite entertaining. I liked seeing so many women and girls who are getting into motorcycles. The movie is big on families riding together.

All in all, I would see it again and will most likely by the DVD.
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