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Originally Posted by EltonAvenue View Post
The guy who posted this would seem to be in the 'banned' category, & I didn't read back to find out what got him banned (seems to be an easy thing to do on here!) BUT, what a great sign that just about says it all for n00b riders!
PS, the Cat & Fiddle is a famous pub in the heart of the Peak District in England which is on one of the best ever "speed freak" sections of road in the UK, which also is one of the sections of road that gets the most 'biker fatalities!!

I got banned. I called someone's family member an insult popularized by Monthy Python, something about elderberries and hamsters. Never thought it would be taken seriously. But then again, you never know... It was the right call and I shouldn't have done that.
"The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing." --Isaac Asimov
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