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Not sure reducing available fuel to 100 kg is a good idea when they were using about 150 kg last year. Granted it is a smaller engine but it seems to me it will have the lead cars slowing down at the end to make it to the finish line.... I fail to see how this helps make the race interesting. It almost seems like it will be more of a cruise than a race.

Guess it may just be me, but I like to see the cars going all out from start to finish... All this rule changing seems to me an atempt to make the faster teams slower and the slower teams faster. Fuel allotment is reminicent of shitty tires to slow down faster cars like KEERS or DRS to help cars behind get ahead.....

What ever happened to good old fashion pride.... Tired of losing build a better more competive car. Good teams should not be punished for being faster than the rest.

That being said, I think Red Bull is still the better team and will find a way to win! Kimmi will dominate Alonso to the point of making him look bad! Nico will come into his own, take over merc and hamilton will fade away. I can't wait to see what Mc Learen's new driver will do, can't be worst than button!

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