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Originally Posted by CA Stu View Post
"They" don't, other campers do.

Each walk in spot is assigned a parking spot (or two, I forget), you spill over beyond that and you are taking up other campers' spaces.
Please don't do it.
Parking is very limited, especially at the walk-in loop.
Follow the camp rules and have a good time.

Edit: Where you are at, #109, there is plenty of room at the end of that loop, and you can ask your neighbors if you need to.
If that's all full, ask the Ranger where you can leave a truck, they'll fix you up.
Thanks for the advice, I haven't been there yet, and that's why I was asking.

I wasn't really thinking about squeezing in 8 other guys with tents and trucks, but I was thinking maybe one other guy could share the location... the campsite info says you can park two vehicles, and there's usually room for a second tent with no problem. Then on the other hand, as you pointed out there are plenty of other open spaces available.
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