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Port Lincoln

Right at the first evening at Walters Rock I received a message from Matty (desert dog) and Naz (nazza) ( ) inviting me to visit them in Port Lincoln.

My meeting point with Matty was the lookout on top of the highest hill around the city.

Arriving at Matty's house I first meet his dog Ani and than Naz.
I only managed to take one photo the first evening.

But I showed Matty and Naz a video that John had reminded me of when I was in Esperance.
The video was the running gag the whole time I have been in Port Lincoln :)

On Saturday morning I went on to a little scouting expedition into nearby Lincoln National Park.

We had planed to start a little sailing trip on Saturday afternoon but the weather forecast expected a bad storm for the night. And there actually was a big thunderstorm at night.
On late Sunday forenoon we left the towns marina and set sail to the town jetty.

Matty had some appointments at Monday morning and this was the best spot to reach them by foot.
In the afternoon we got company by George, a friend of Matty, and his dog Jimmy.

The evening developed itself into a nice event with some or even more beer and a BBQ on the boat.

Around midnight Naz offered to show me how to fish because I had never done it before. After a few minutes Matty and George joined us as well.

I was lucky and caught my first fish that night.

But it did not get the chance to experience the taste of the fish because we used it as bait.
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