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Originally Posted by DCrider View Post
Nice looking jacket, sorry if this "puts you on the spot" a bit but any dummy testing to see how well those snaps stay put to keep the arm armor in place during a get off? I know a lot of jackets use the snap approach but I've always wondered how well it works in real conditions?

No not putting us on the spot at all, happy to answer.

We've not done the test where we've specifically thrown a dummy from the bed of a truck with the jacket on (though that would probably make a great YouTube video and we just might do it). We have however been producing jackets of this type with snaps for adjusters for a good long while in our private label business. A fair number saw get offs and we've had no issue with the snaps blowing or catastrophic failure of that sort. We've made (and continue to make) jackets with pull tab adjusters secured by velcro that have also worked well, however for this model it seemed like a cleaner less off-road-specific styled solution to go with the snaps.
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