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Originally Posted by Davest
I plan on riding it around Australia a few times and across it. First trip will be up to the Cape, if I had the time and money I'd like to travel Asia. I have 30 years bike experience, road,dirt and 5 years singles and sidecar speedway racing.

How do you find the DR as that's option number two with a few mods of course.


The DR.... with some serioius suspension work and all the mods(jetting, pipe, bigger tank), I think it would rival the LC4E. It so simple and easy to maintain.

I'll say it this way, the DR is a great bike, but the KTM moved(s) my soul and that is part of motorcycling IMHO.

I think they are both reliable bikes when well sorted and maintained. The DR is smoother(may not be an issue).

If maintenance is an issue, I would give the nod to the DR.

Burrenrider, a fellow Aussie here on ADVRider, had a sweet DR 650 and I believe he owned a 640 ADV for a while. You might PM him and get his input.

If forced to pick one or the other(especially with your experience), I would go for an 03 640 ADV.

All the best in your search.

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