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Originally Posted by guitstik View Post
Lets hear your stories and or any preparations that you have made or will make for continuing to ride into winter.
Early 60s, I rode my Triumph TR6 from the Chicago suburbs to school at Tempe, AZ (ASU).

When I would reach the AZ/NM bodrer, I would usually run into snow in the White Mountains (Hwy 60) after gassing up in Quemado, NM and being chased by the 3 legged dog there.

Several falls on the snowy/icy roads would ensue before reaching Springerville, AZ, my destination.

Often, the SRC pass was closed to traffic due to snow. After a day or two in Springerville, the pass would reopen and I would make my way down into the Valley of the Sun, the Phoenix area.

I shod the Triumph with stock tires and made few preparations for snow or cold. It was "how we rolled" back in those days.

I have never owned heated gear. If I am riding in severe cold, I may stop at a bowling alley (they are usually nice and warm) or a truck stop to thaw.
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