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^^^ For the purposes of those articles, they've just photoshopped a slightly edited version of the Pugeot 208 Silhouette that Loeb ran (and won) Pikes Peak with this year - and pasted it on some SMG/Buggy style running gear.

Now while I am sure the (if eventuates) the brains from pugeot/Citröen would come up with something a fair bit more refined than just so... but for illustration purposes... it makes an intersting statement.

The fact that Peterhansel is quoted (in the Autosport article) as NOT being involved with the rumoured Pugeot effort doesn't surprise me too much.

BUT the fact that he HAS stated he will be with X-Raid into 2015, indicates to me that the Trebur team already have designs/plans on what the next evolution of the MINI (or whatever they decide to run from the parent company stable) is already well under way...

Because with the shift in the FIA T1 regulations... I cannot see that the MINI will maintain it's technical edge much past the 2014 Dakar - if this new generation of "2WD superoffroaders" takes a foothold. Remember when Chicherit/turned to chit) debuted the MINI at dakar a few years ago (in a fanfare test/race effort... while the rest of the team ran the proven X3CC's...?

Wonder when we will see the "new" X-Raid T1.... maybe the first FIA CCR after dakar?
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