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Originally Posted by JustinP View Post
Yes! Thanks for asking, just got the dimmer prototypes today. I snapped a few quick pictures below. I am very happy with the design so far. The cases are 2 inches square, with a big glove friendly knob. Red/Black wires on the right are +/- 12v input. On the left, Red/Black is output to the lights, Blue is a trigger wire that bypasses dimming function when ~12v is applied (from stock highbeam wire etc). The knob has a full "off" position, so no switch is needed (i.e. totally off, bypass does not turn on lights). The lights are also fully off when the dial is at the lowest position, so they will only come on when power is applied to the blue wire; and they are fully adjustable from 0-100% with the dial.

Just a few more tweaks, and we'll be going into production for the first run. If you have any feedback and thoughts, please speak up and let me know.
Looks good but I would color the output wires different than the input. I could see people hooking it up backwards.

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