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fuck me.... we're gonna need a rule book & a lawyer in the pre-race shows...

The new sporting regulations also detail the way that grid penalties will be applied in 2014 for the new 1.6-liter V6 turbocharged engines.
In 2014, the "power unit" is divided into six separate modules, with a maximum of five examples of each permitted to be used. These elements are the internal combustion engine, the motor generator unit-kinetic, the motor generator unit-heat, the energy store, the turbocharger and the control electronics.
On the first occasion a sixth example of any of the six parts is used, it will trigger a 10-place penalty, although five-place penalties will be given for any subsequent use of a sixth element. This pattern will continue for the seventh and any subsequent elements, with the first use earning a 10-place penalty and the subsequent ones five places.
If a complete power unit is replaced at any time, the driver must start the race from the pits.
The rules also confirm that should a driver be too far down the grid to serve a full penalty, the remaining grid slots will be carried forward into the next race.
In another tweak, gearboxes must now be used for six consecutive events.
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