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Ah I miss the Volunteer state.

Nice thread idea, so I will chime in. Regarding people whom give you a bemused look, or comment. Today it was -3 F in Indianapolis West, I pulled up to a stop light and happened to look over at the vehicle to my right. An attractive young woman with a look of ( I have to rescue that puppy ) on her face was looking at me. Now there wasn't a whole lot to see, although my pearl white Burgman is pretty sharp, but any whooo.

I had on my full face helmet, scarf, Coretech jacket, and Icon pants I was covered head to toe. Still I gave her a friendly wave and went on my way as the light changed.

I enjoy the excitement of riding and while I enjoy the warm weather best, there is an art to arriving at your destination in sub zero temps, and be reasonably comfortable.

The great wind protection of my Burgman, opens up so many riding opportunities. My hands are the only issue and this year I have found a good solution. I use some hot hands and toe warmers inside my gloves. They keep my hands warm. The toe warmers come with adhesive and today I stuck them to some latex gloves, and then pulled on my DryStars over them. Worked like a charm, great wind barrier.

Sorry no pictures, camera would have froze, . Funny thing, I looked down at my temperature on the Burgman dash, it read 14 F shortly after leaving the garage. By the time I made it to town, it had changed to "Lo", I was half expecting it to change again to LOL.

Cheers and be safe,
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