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I usually prefer the time of year when the temps get just cold enough to knock some of the traffic down in some of my favorite ride areas here in Middle TN. Since moving up here (from FL), I noticed the climate here lends itself to 2 kinds of riders. Ones who pack it in as soon as the temps dip below 50 the first time, and ones who ride in damn near anything. I'm trying not to be like the former. I guess the only thing I have to contribute is that when it gets genuinely cold by TN standards, I tend to spend more of my time off road at trail riding areas and less on road, where I just get blown around on my KLX by freezing gusts of wind. I'll tend to trailer to trails further away this time of year, whereas usually I don't like to trailer to a riding spot. That is why I bought a dual sport after all.

First post BTW. Been lurking on here forever, but I usually stay pretty quiet. i like the thread topic though.
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