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Reviving a drowned 2 stroke.

Just found your write up. Great Adventure story.

When I first started woods riding with my DT1 all we did was climb hills and ride in creeks. We learned early on that if you go deep enough to suck in water the quickest way to get her running again is to take out the spark plug, put the bike in gear and turn it upside down, resting on the handle bars and the seat. Now spin the rear wheel by hand. Keep doing this until no more water comes out. Sometimes putting your finger over the spark plug hole while cranking will suck out more water. Then turn it upright and kick it a few times making sure it doesn't have any water left. Put the plug in and give it a try. Once running it might still die a couple of times and that will require removing the plug and kicking it over again a few times.

Of course the next problem is all of the water that is probably mixed with the oil in the crankcase. Try not to run it too long before changing the oil.

If you make it to Oark again try their double burgers! They are great if you're really hungry.
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