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This is what I have been sending out to people.

1. fully ready wiring harness (you need to add your fav low beam kill switch yourself, it depends on the mounting location)
2. 2 Hella Lamps (high, low)
3. 1 35W HID kit to be used in the low beam lamp
4. Mounting plate and hardwares
5. Headlight mask over the twin lamps

Let me know the colors you would prefer. (black, white, yellow, red). I'm also experimenting with the KTM orange. If you want one

On top of that, if you have a US Stock headlight unit, you need to let me know if you want me to drill a hole in the high beam lamp to accept the rubber base of the running light from the stock light. This could be done later on your own. (see picture below)

I'm also working on a hard lens protector. Went through couple iterations already wasted a ton of money and material. Getting close, will provide detail on cost later.

$350, If you are in US, we will split shipping (USPS Priority) $40/2=$20. Everyone else we will have to figure this shit out later. [I've been covering full shipping to the first few sets I send out so far. But it's just wait too high to make it worthwhile for all my time and effort. ]

It takes me a lot of time to assemble and test these things. And I'm only making these a few at a time. Due to cost reasons, I don't stock pile the Hella lamps. So I've been sending out PM's to people a few at time. Once I have confirmation, I order the hella lamps based on the number of people that responded and my schedule.

If you get a PM and you don't reply within 3 days. I will move on to the next person on the list. Should you reply later, I will still make you one, it's just I can't guaranty the ones I'm making will be sent to you first.

It's been below freezing every day/night. I've been busying making these things one at a time. I will try to get some more pictures and post more info.

The hella high beam lamp has a platform on the bottom, which is flat. It can be drilled to plug in a running light. This is what I have done with mine. You can fit the stock US running light bulb with it's rubber base directly in there.

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