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[QUOTE=def;22972259]Early 60s, I rode my Triumph TR6 from the Chicago suburbs to school at Tempe, AZ (ASU).

Oh man....a fellow TR6 Trumpet rider. Now that brings back memories. Magneto ignition, single carb, fukin' Lucas electrics

Now we get some cool weather up here in Canada too, but not as bad as TN . As a much younger lad I was riding my TR6 in weather so cold my hands locked up. When I pulled into a toll booth I could not move my fingers to get my wallet out and pay. A supervisor came out screaming at me to "move that goddamn bike outa here" . When I finally got home I was so cold I jumped into a cool bath to warm up gradually and it felt like I was on fire. Yeah, the good old days.

I just ordered my first electric jacket last week after freezing for the last time.
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