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Chris Barnes 640 Adv.Tank Protectors

Well eveyone here is a little more informations on Chris Barnes tank protectors.

Chris was kind enough to send me a couple of prototypes to get my opinions on them.

The left ones are Carbon Fiber, the ones on the right are Kevlar.

Both are very well constructed.

Chris stated he made the mold off his 04' or newer tank.
The Carbon Fiber ones fit perfectly on my 03'. The Kevlar not quite as well.

The Kevlar ones cover more area of the tank and don't fit quite as well but I think it is because of the difference in the model years tanks. They have the built in pet cock protection and it appears to be quite strong in that area.

I can easily modify the problem area on the Kevlar one to work on my 03' tank, as I have already indicated to Chris in our correspondance back and forth.

I have encouraged him to go on with his project.

My feedback on them thus far is very positive and I hope he takes them into production status and markets them, as there appears to be a demand for such an item. I feel those who want such item would not be disappointed in Chris's efforts to protect these big ass tanks, as I wanted to do, without the use of crash bars, which are not longer easily available.

See all the photos if you want at:
M. Dargus
Richfield, MN.
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