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First, thanks for the great nostalgia trip to Mexico. As one that went there well before 1981, I see as already said, much that's the same-sure, the cars are older, some clothing changes, rest is sameo.I bet many of those PU's are still running! That PV street is paved now. Not the main street nowdays.
One part of me thinks back & says not so long ago (I was 38 in 1981) & my lower back-ha! says it is...

In post #44 the 22% interest comment reminds me of my dilemma in November,1980. I'd just spent the better part of 2 years building the home we still live in-done in the mornings(I worked "2nd shift" most days with night students then) & on weekends, so quite a self construction project! Built a road, then this cabin on raw land , own water system,sort of hippie style, back to the land deal. When I finished the house I needed to combine the 6% farm/land loan with the construction loan and went mortgage shopping.
It would be real interesting in todays economy of artificially low interest rates to see how many would survive the 17.5% I was offered. I went to the bank pres that held the construction loan & he said why don't you sell it. I asked if thats what HE would do after 2 yrs of sweat & got some smart ass remark & I walked off cussing the guy under my breath. I also tried several times to buy insurance on the almost completed structure & no company would sell a policy as many were burning insured new houses then to avoid going under from rates. To this day i refuse to do business with any of the companies that refused my money for insurance. I also got away from that bank once I'd paid off the loan. I ended up with a 14% straight loan from them, which I paid twice a month to kill the principal & was free & clear in 9 years!
At that time people(like the bike dealers mentioned) were going under that had been very conservative with their money,esp. compared to todays world of over extended,multiple credit cards & living beyond their means!
Check out the OP's friend, Phil's hand as extended in the pics of his MC trailer, sleeping bullet shaped cocoon-folks that's a working mans hands, if I ever saw one!!!
"If I had my life to live over,I'd dare to make more mistakes next time...I'd relax,I'd limber up.I'd be sillier than this trip, take fewer things seriously, I would take more chances... take more trips...climb more mountains...swim more more ice cream." Jorge Luis Borges, at age 85

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