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Originally Posted by Wallowa View Post

Is that as in "geologic soon" or within weeks, months or years?

I am aging rapidly!

Ps...A simple "yes" is not an answer
Oh, YES! it is!!!!!

As for a relative time frame, soon, encompasses them all and quite handily I might add…

But my insider cia, nsa and 'other' 3 letter agency contacts can't be any more specific at this time for the usual reasons, of corporate and national security. I mean do you know how many laws, NDA's, oaths, and secret pinky promises are being violated just to bring this info to light? And lets consider that if marketing were thrown into an undisclosed dungeon then this invaluable source of insider info would cease altogether and of course we simply can't have that. Now can we?

But after all, that's what marketing does, it goes to the ends of the earth to dig up any scraps of info no matter how flimsy or frivolous, to inform one and all, well because that's what it does…

But marketing does hear the anguish and angst of all motorcycle riders who are waiting for more news, and if I were to guess, the time frame would be in minutes, and to quote carl sagan,'billions and billions' of minutes, or less…

In short, production, engineering, R&D, manufacturing and a few secret departments we aren't supposed to talk about, don't tell marketing nuth'n. Maybe it has to do with the fact that marketing simply can't keep a secret…

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