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Sorry, I don't remember how long the trip was, but probably about three weeks because as a college graduate prole I had only three weeks holiday entitlement. That's about 325 miles / 525 km per day average, which sounds about right including the few non-riding days. I checked my passport from that time period but there are no stamps in it. I suppose the Mexicans didn't stamp Canadian or American passports in those days; I recall they issued a tourist card on arrival.

Because of the lack of vacation time I was always in a hurry. When I rode back to Mexico and down to Guatemala and Belize three years later (the BMW had nearly 100,000 miles on it when I returned), I was so pressed for time to jam the whole trip into four weeks vacation at 350 miles / 571 km per day that I only shot one roll of film; there will be no ADV Ride Report of that fantastic trip. It exists only in my memory. Only three photos of that fantastic trip survive. This is one of them:

At the time I thought my memory would do anyway--who looks at last year's photos?--but of course, I could not see how I might want to have them decades into the future. You don't take the photos for yourself, you take them for the old man you will become, if you are lucky. I would also have taken more photos without my companion; it's great to take keepsakes of your woman in front of the scenery, and her of you, but shoot the scenery without each other too!

All these images were Kodak Ektachrome slides, scanned with a Canon 9950F flatbed scanner, 12 slides at once, at 4800 dpi. I touched up the exposures in Photoshop because the light metering in the camera was a bit crude.
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