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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
Old folks on little bikes............sounds great to me. I think I'll follow along.

Love the title for this RR.
Originally Posted by panorton View Post
i'm in
Originally Posted by Archery21 View Post
On the edge of my seat!

Originally Posted by SAPB View Post
I'll be following this.......
Originally Posted by TheAdmiral View Post
Just what I, maybe we, needed during the winter season. A great warm ride report. Love the humor...AARP Gone funny!

Nice to have all of you along.

Originally Posted by Fireman1000 View Post
Hope I'm still able to ride at 77. Subscribed!!!
Barry is an amazing man for sure. He gets annoyed when I gush over him but I'm going to sneak some gushing in here becase he is a fantastic man. I met him close to 15 years go and at the time I was waiting for him to get old so I could keep up with him. It's not happening and I still can't keep up with him and I'm getting older.

One of the many impressive things he has done was at 68 he took his bicycle by train to Olympia, WA (I think that's where he got off the train) and rode it down the coast to just N. of Los Angeles. Basically going the legnth of the United States by bicycle and just cutting out the super congested areas of Seattle and LA.

My hope for everyone is to still be able to do the things that Barry does at 77 because he can run circle around men half his age. Oh yeah, I keep waiting for him to lose some of his mental sharpness too so I can get one over on him once in a while but that isn't happening either.

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
All my favorite motorcycles!!

Hi Rob, nice to see you hanging out with me here.

Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
Old folks on little bikes............sounds great to me. I think I'll follow along.

Those are my heroes for sure!
Hi Barb, enjoy some of the warmth of Baja with us.

Originally Posted by RedRockRider View Post
Nice pics . . . nice writing . . . nice adventure . . . and nice bikes!

Most importantly, looks like a nice group of riding partners! Looking forward to it.
Thank you, terrific compliment and yes the group of riding partners are pretty darned awesome.

Originally Posted by WetSideRider View Post
Perfect time to follow a Baja trip vicariously. Looking forward to it.
Winter months is a good time for sure to follow a warm Baja report.

Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post
wooo! you're off to a great start!

Well, I don't know about being "baja experts," but matt and I were happy to give you a few suggestions.
I'm so glad you guys enjoyed Rancho Ojai. You saw a lot more of it than I did.
I didn't know they had so many animals!

keep those pics coming!

Hi Kelly, I have tons of pictures and they will keep coming. I'm surprised you didn't find the critters at Rancho Ojai, you usually zero in on critters if there are any to be found. The mules let us know where they were with their hee hawing.
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