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It was either during breakfast or our fuel stop when we all looked at each other and realized all the young riders had bowed out of the ride and all that was left was the AARP crowd. The "Leave Ďem for Dead Tour ~ Baja Style" was changed to "AARP Gone Wild ~ Baja Style". Much more fitting.
Our first Pemex fill up and ADV parking at itís finest. While all of us, other than Lee, have owned and ridden Harleys we apparently didnít learn the Harley way of parking in an organized fashion.

Letís go shopping.

Bruce bought a bottle of tequila then was getting fresh with Becky and sheís giving him the thumbs up.

(Truth is; with her helmet on she couldnít see what he was doing and had no idea )
As you can see we werenít in a big hurry about anything. We were having fun at a relaxing pace and enjoying lots of laughs.
We were moving again and headed South out of town through the residential area.

Pretty fence and gate.

I donít know what the sign says. Maybe The Juanes Place?


Maybe a motorcycle mechanic, welder, or both.


Donít know why we stopped here but Iím sure it was something important. Whereís Bruce and Barry? Probably not stopping for whatever that important thing was.

Here kitty, kitty.

Be nice to the critters and donít leave your trash in their home.

Weíre headed into Parque Nacional Constitucion and Luguna Hanson.



Time to check tire pressure and let a little air out if need be.






And me

We werenít getting very far very fast but we were achieving our goal.

The ladies needed to visit the Mexican Rest Area so the men rode on ahead.

Hey Bruce, wait for Barry heís not on his bike yet

Ö..ah never mind Iím sure he wonít have any problem catching up.

Gotta tell you digging a cat hole out here in the sand is one heck of a lot easier than in the Pacific Northwestís Forests.
Watch where you squat.

Rest area visited and we were ready to go.

Letís see how long it is before we meet up with the guys again.

I wasnít seeing Lee and Becky in my rear view mirror for a while so I decided I better stop and wait. I donít ride fast so they must have stopped for something, maybe a cool picture I missed or something.

I like the way the road is lined with trees and foliage. The roads in the NW are often lined with trees and foliage but when that happens in the NW you donít see much other than that green stuff. Here the road is lined but you get to see all the other things too. I like the variety.
OK here comes Becky and Lee. I think it was a luggage check or malfunction. All was good.

There are some cool rocky mountains out there.

It was a little wash boardy but all in all not bad.

We found Barry stopped. He hadnít seen Bruce in a while and was concerned about where he was. Iíd spotted him out of the corner of my eye a ways back. Heíd stopped at a Mexican Rest Area. Here he comes.

All of us were back together again and Barry is mis-behaving. Lee, always keep an eye out for what Barry and Bruce are up to when you are taking pictures. If given a chance Bruce will do an ADV salute and Barry, well Barry is just a tad mischievous Ė always.

Looks like there is luxury camping and services out here.

And even fuel. We didnít go check it out but it might be worthwhile.

This one is better. Bruce is using all his fingers in his wave and even Barry is behaving himself.

Lets ride

Nice, this road was interesting.

Then around this corner

The road dipped down into a gully then climbed back outÖÖ..
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