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Sure wouldnít want to leave Bruce hanging on that cliff so Iíll finish the gully story.
All was going well then I saw a steep hill but it was paved and the only pavement we had seen since we left La Rumorosa. I knew I needed to give it a little more throttle to climb the hill and as I started to speed up I saw Bruce and Barry walk up to the crest of the hill. My first reaction was thinking something was up there and they didnít want us to come up so I started to stop and put my feet down. Just then they made it clear they wanted us to come up. I gave the bike some gas to climb the hill but I was in deep sand and instead of going straight up the hill the bike went out of control and rapidly to the right and into a rock.
Becky went on up the hill with no problem meanwhile Bruce and Barry came flying down the hill to help me. For two old farts those men sure move rapidly when they think someone is in trouble. Lee, got her bike parked and rapidly came over to check on me. Yes, I was OK - - - scared, embarrassed, frustrated but OK.
Hereís Barry, Bruce and Lee pulling my bike out of the ditch. I was behind that rock still trying to get myself out of there.

Barry took my bike and told me to walk up the hill and away went my bike with him on it and up the hill with no problem. I guess I was still a bit dazed since I didnít get a picture of him riding the Superbug up the hill.

Becky got pictures of Lee going up the hill. Lee didnít have any problems with the sandy spot.

Or with climbing the hill.

At the top of the hill

I think Barry was explaining all the ways I messed up.

My screw up gave others a chance to look around and check out the cool rocks.

I think this says no littering.

And near that sign an empty bottle of vitamins and an unopened condom. I guess the vitamins didnít work.

After we were up the hill Barry realized he hadnít gotten any pictures of my bike and the rock so he wanted me to go back down and pose with the rock. OK fineÖ..

Barryís lens seems to have a bit of dust on it.
It all looks innocent enough I shouldnít have had a problem.

Thereís half of the Superbugís reflector up on the rock. I took it with me, I didnít want to litter.

The Superbugís front fender sure has taken a beating and there were other new scratches on the bike as well.

With that little adventure done we were riding again.



A nice ranch out there.

This was a lot prettier than it came out in the picture. Apparently my camera lens was a little dusty too. That tree was bright gold and glimmered in the sunshine.


A corner of Laguna Hanson. It was getting late and we didn't have time to go explore.

Resort area


Just as I thought things were going well.



Lee got going ahead of me and Becky was behind me. I was having a hard time getting going in the sand and was duck walking when we saw Lee face down in the sand not moving. I motioned Becky to go on around me. Becky got to her and ask if she was OK she then lifted her head and was moving and Becky was lifting the bike off her. I snapped a quick picture but then when I asked if she was OK and she said she didnít know picture time was over.

Once the bike was up and so was Lee she confirmed she was OK. Barry and Bruce were ahead of us and had no idea of what was going on. She had moved over to the side to let a vehicle pass and when she tried to move back over the bike decided to take a nap instead.
The section of sand wasnít very long and we were back to fun riding.

And the views were quite nice.


We would be back on pavement soon.

The highway could be seen off in the distance if you looked real hard as you rode through here.

I donít know about the rest of the group but I was ready for a break and the highway was a welcome sight. I didnít get a picture and neither did anyone else but just before the highway there was a short section of deep silt. I didnít take any chances and duck walked it. I didnít want to hit the ground again.
Break time.

There sure is a variety of things to look at.

We were headed for Valle De La Trinidad.

I think we are dropping into Heroes De La Independencia here.

We managed to get to Valle De La Trinidad just about the time it was getting dark. Barry asked at the Pemex Station where we could find a motel and discovered there was one right around the corner. We got checked in and Bruce, Barry, Lee and I walked down the street for dinner. Becky wanted to stay in her room and fix her own dinner.
Dinner time

They arenít able to sell alcohol in the resturant but they said we could go across the street, buy beer and bring it in. So thatís what was done and Barry turned in to a two fisted drinkerÖÖ I never thought I would see that day. Those are either tiny bottles or he has big hands.

Dinner was great but the coffee not so much. If there is a jar of Nescafe on the table don't order coffee. I made that mistake a few times.

There was a man at the restaurant that was very nice and helpful. He was translating so we could communicate with the cook/waiter. A bracket on Leeís side rack had broken and a welder for the next day would be very helpful. Lee and Barry were talking to the man and asked him if there was a welder in town. He gave them directions then said he would be at the restaurant in the morning and he would be happy to go to the welder with them to translate. He specified he didnít want any money for this he wanted to do this for a friend. Very, very nice.
We walked back to the motel and it was time for a surprise for Barry. It was his birthday and that morning he was trying to get us to wish him a happy birthday with a "happy birthday to you" sing alone. We chuckled at him and basically ignored his birthday. He was spoiling our plan with bringing it up, we had other plans for him.
Barry, Lee, Bruce and I were in the guy's room after dinner. I needed to leave to go get Becky and his surprises. I told them I was going to go get my map. Before I left Spokane I bought a box of Zingers for Barryís birthday "cake" and they had been hanging out in my tail bag. At the Spokane Airport Becky bought a t-shirt that was perfect for Barry and now it was time for his birthday party. It was his 77th birthday so I turned three zingers into a 77 and put candles in them. I didn't have a plate but the box of Zingers worked great for a cake plate.

Incredibly bad pictures but itís the best I have. Barry was surprised when he was presented with his birthday cake and we sang happy birthday to him.

The writing on his new t-shirt said: "To save time letís just assume Iím never wrong". Oh yes, so Barry.

I really wish I would have gotten better pictures of the birthday fun but since I didnít Iíll just have to keep it in my memory.
Lee hanging out enjoying the entertainment.

Iíll be back tomorrow and start day 3.
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