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950 resurrection, aka I have a lot of ongoing questions??

I wanted to use this thread to document the overhaul of my 2004 950, and have a place to ask questions throughout the rebuild. I have done a lot of engine work before on thumpers/cars but never on an LC8 so I wanted to use this thread to document what Im doing, and most importantly, as a running thread to post questions before I royally screw something up

The goal is to completely go through the bike, within reason (not spending a ton of $) and make it a good reliable bike for many more miles to come.

A little about the bike:
I have always wanted a 950, and fortunately this summer inmate Tha Rick, sold me his 2004 for a great price. It's a high milage bike (75k+ now) and I knew it would need some work eventually. I rode it all summer and had a blast but did identify some issues so this winter the engine will be getting pulled. To make it more interesting some pictures from this summer on the 950.....

In May on the Canyonlands ADV Ride I never thought I'd have a 950 a few weeks later....

Around camp Tha Rick told me about this and a few weeks later I was test riding my soon to be 950...
Originally Posted by Tha Rick View Post
Some serious negotiations also happened during the ride.

The atmosphere was so tense you could taste the brat's cooking, the tensions were almost unbearable as I yearned for a hottub, and the taste of the ice cream sandwich earlier were all but a memory, but with the good nature of mankind, we persevered through.

The deliberation's- "Would you like a 950A? It's a mechanic's special!...--- OK, send me a PM"
We toasted to a deal like diplomat's.

Someone likes drinking the coolaid, brisk mountain rides, and picturesque scenery.

A bit of the test ride:

He has a bright future indeed, gonna need sunglasses.
I was stoked to have one of my dream bikes

Throughout the summer I did several overnight trips off the bike including scouting for Westfest around Buena Vista....

and over the Flat Tops and around Dinosaur National Monument...

a little mishap. Turns out riding with hard side cases requires a little more forethought when riding through rocks Nothing like the first crash on a new bike....

And there were a lot of short day rides....

Known issues
After getting some miles in I feel these are the known problems...
-Leaking oil, I believe base gasket on back cylinder
-Oil getting into coolant. Maybe water pump, maybe head gasket????
-Lacks power. Even with a 16CS it is almost impossible to get the front end up. PO told me it had a jet kit, but I feel it is lean and pops on decell.
-Replump faucet ful pump. Lines are corroded.
-New coolant hoses

The rebuild

I plan on pulling the engine. Do you guys think I can get away with lapping the valves? Not rebuilding the heads would save a ton of many. Is that reasonable at 75k miles???

Here is what I am looking at ordering in the next few months.

-Coolant Hoses. THinking about this KIT

-Piston rings. Hopefully will reuse the pistons.

-Engine gasket kit. I was going to use an Athena Kit like this ONE

-Water pump. I am torn between the CJs kit vs a new updated KTM one. What do you guys think? GIven money is tight is it worth an extra $100 or so for the CJ's one??

Updates to be checked What else am I missing????
-Clutch Push Rod
-Shift Drum

Any thing else I should be considering. Input, advice etc. Thanks for the help so far......

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