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ARRRGH stupid computer at work, removed all I had written!!!!

I would start with making sure its the base gaskets and not just the oil pressure sensor that is more common to leak.

If there is leak at base gasket(s), mine was just leaking from the rear but was damage on the engine cases near the front also.

Called the problem "Pyndon Syndrome" since he was the first I saw writing about the problem.

But the question is how much to invest in a high mileage engine? I choose to just lift the jugs with piston in them and head attached, some sealant and new base gaskets, slapped it togehter and plan to run it until it dies!

Will be a streetmachine with motard wheels from now on.

And bought a brand new 990R that will be the gravel eater.

If you go deep into the engine, splitting cases, shift drum is a weak spot on early LC8 engines.

Small stuff like balancer shaft seal might be good to add a new if digging into the engine.

Check cam chains for wear?

Clutch push rod if it has the old 3 piece part still?

Have changed name, was previously Dirty950 (under construction)
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