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Originally Posted by COXR650L View Post
Thanks for the link, Ill read through it. 100k's pretty good!

One more thing I forgot to ask.....Any special tools for LC8s Ill need?

For flywheel removal there is a grub screw and an extractor needed.

Not sure about sizes right now but can check later if no one else can fill in.

(Was the same bolt to pull the flywheel of the XR400 but that was smaller bolt holding it in place to no grub screw required, that was lucky =)

If you have a local source for metric bolts that is probably cheaper then buying the OEM tools.

For locking the engine I went with OEM for peace of mind when locking engine for undoing stuff, started with just a pointed threaded rod for locking it during valve adjustments but worried if it would break when undoing stuff during camchain replacement.

If doing a case split some big sockets will be required.

Is it a 14mm allen needed for flywheel bolt? Think it is and 12mm for the shock mounting bolts, might be bigger then what the average garage have.

Im sure I am missing someting, and I have not gone as far as a split, but I am worried about the shift drum, would suck having that fail since I just plan to run it with minimal maintenance until it dies on me.

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