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After two nights I leaved Port Gibbons and rode to Whyalla. Corinna a second cousin of my mother invited me to visit them.
When I arrived and rang the doorbell nothing happed so I walked around the house.
I found Corinna and Wayne building a new shed.

So I got out off my motorcycle gear and started helping them.

Corinna told me if I am operating a forklift in Australia it has to be Aussie style: drunken and with a beer in the hand :)

The next day we went out for a little tourist and fishing trip around the area.

The goal was to catch blue swimmer crabs and I have been successful.

After the catch I went for hike at this nice and natural but fenced meadows. There where this strange signs everywhere but I still have no clue what they mean, because of my bad English skills ;) ;) ;)

Although Matty had warned me not to eat anything out of the ocean near Whyalla the crabs were a nice meal. But I think it can't be that bad because there was even aqua farming in the area.

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