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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Any Edjumicated guesstimations as to what platform/layout RG's new Dakar toy is going to be SB...?

So far I've herad everything from front engined rear end banjo, to mid engined rear wheel independent, to rear engined a-arm buggy style...

Even a winged thing airbrake come downforce spoiler on the rear bodywork... but so far nothing more than a few "leak photos" from planet.RG and a lot of speculation over at RDC.

Any word from baja Bob?
I haven't talked to Baja Bob (Rubbie's dad) since the last NORRA 1000. The guys at RGM are really good at keeping tight lips (esp. if they want to keep their jobs and get to go to Dakar). I don't know anyone there anymore anyway. All that being said, everything I've seen seems to lean towards a SST bastard. However I do know that he has some of the first of the new generation Albins tansaxles, which means he could do a mid-engine if he wanted.

Rubs is really good at the hype/marketing game isn't he? He gets more attention by not telling anyone than if he did!
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