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Originally Posted by Sparrowhawk View Post
I'm calling mid engine rear wheel drive but we'll find out soon enough.

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This configuration does have some advantages if you considering a 2WD T1 style vehicle for a DAKAR application (quick on both gravel, off piste terrain and in dunes) compromise.

I'm thinking kinda slightly shorter wheel base 2WD Tuareg or along the lines of the later mid 90's space frame T3 Mitsu Proto in a 2WD configuration... but with no limitation on wheel travel... think US A-arm/coilover bypass on all corners...

After a (longer than he probably would have thought) apprenticeship on Dakar... if he has tested this thing thoroughly (and the paint is not still wet - as this "leaks" promo gig may well be a charade to lure people int thinking)... then 2014 could be the year RG surprizes the establishment.

If not, there is always the "we were leading by 15 minutes if you take away the three hours downtime..." line, and he will turn up in 2015 with a fully assoeted "WD superoffroad Dakar winner. (But by then, so will X-Raid, Pugeot and/or Citroen, SMG and EVR possibly?).

2014 can be the "RG strikes while the others are still napping year"... unless the MINI's have hitched up their skirts and have a surprise up their fishnet stockings?
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