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Originally Posted by Tsotsie View Post
Tried the Corbin dished (hard and not the correct shape) and Sargent (great quality but also not the right shape for me, better than the Corbin). Settled on a Russel. Worth every penny! No numbness ever. 40 K miles and countless 10-14 hour days after days at a time and at least 10, 7-800+ miles days on it now.

A stock seat - 45 minutes before the agony sets in.
I live near Russell's shop,had them repair a seat for a R6 I had,nice people,great work,next seat will probably be a Russell,that said I also live close to Rick Mayer and watched him build a seat for a friend of mine,he also does good work,I'm lucky I have 2 premier seat people in the same county,choices baby!
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