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Originally Posted by DirtyADV View Post
Brand new crate engine? Or 2nd hand replacement?

If new how big was the hole in the wallet?

I got mine for an incredibly low price that probably couldn't be matched now, but I have seen them on Ebay for not much more than a couple grand.

The trick is to find an Adventure, rather than a Super Duke. I guess they crash more SDs; Ebay has three of them right now. The $1300 one has some case damage BTW.

If you can live with the close-ratio tranny, or want to swap gears, the SDs will work fine.

Originally Posted by crazybrit View Post
not new but I'm still not listening, la la .. la la .. la la .. is it over yet

Oh and Munn quoted me $3750 for a freshly rebuilt motor from KTM, not new but rebuilt with all new parts; no clue if this means the latest cases (re: Pyndon's rebuild thread which is must-read if the OP hasn't read it).
That price doesn't sound too bad (I mean, other than being a hell of a lot of money).

Four years ago, used, un-rebuilt engines were going for that, or more.

I miss round headlights.

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