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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
Hmmm, isn't everything made in China now? (don't know whether to laugh or cry about that one...)

Anywho, I have experience with putting, nay scratch that, with having a larger battery put into my brand spankin' new bike. Casper Mountain Motorsports in Wyoming thought that since Partz Limited sent them a battery that didn't fit into the battery box, why not tear the friggin' battery box out and stuff the bigger battery in there!

To make an old story short, there are a couple of bolts under the box that were slowly wearing their way thru the battery housing when it was found barely in time.

Why do you need a larger battery?
They seem to be less expensive than the little one that they put in it.

I just installed a voltage meter to watch the charging voltage of my bike and it would only charge 13.7 volts when running 5000 rpm. I figured a larger battery might help if there is room.
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