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tank protectors

Nice pics--many thanks Myron.

Just a couple of points of clarification.

The "yellow" ones are a carbon/kevlar mixed weave--and the kevlar is a "$%^&" to trim as you might expect.

Its a shame that it doesn't fit so well at the bottom on the 03--they look the same and its a reasonable fit on a 05 tank?--The mould actually incorporates a complete wrap around at the bottom to box the petcock in--but still leaving an access hole and hopefully just enough room to remove the tap itself--my problem was inner growth on laying up in the mould ( a silly "mistake"), and the box section would not fit over the tank lower--hence I had to leave just the outer area for fit. I intend to split the mould and widen it so that the final box section design can remain.(allows for growth on lay up)

On bolting--- this is just a single point of contact--my view is that a "loose" fit siliconed in place will provide flexibility, depth--combined with the toughness of the protector itself. If you have ever tried to remove a flat sheet siliconed in place I guarantee that you will have to destroy the sheet in the process--I can't see these falling off or moving in a hurry--the only time you will need to do it is if you are replacing them--and even if the tank is scratched the new covers will cover the scratches/scars .

Don't rush with orders just yet---if there is enough interest I'll develop the petcock version--However, the design in plain carbon is certainly a lot easier to do and I can make a few of these a little quicker.

The trouble with this sort of thing is that its a lot of work to make just a few--perhaps thats why no commercial concern has taken it up. Please also note that these are not full vacuum bagged commercial quality (yet) --its not my "trade" so to speak.
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