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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
I removed the app from the Google store when Google killed the website, so sales are at zero. As for subscribers, I strongly encourage people to unsubscribe until there is something worth subscribing to. If I could figure out a way to unsubscribe everyone, I would. Unfortunately I cannot and I get spammed until I take the $10 so the whole process is officially a pain in my butt. I am NOT currently working on the website. Too many irons in the fire and the website is waiting in the wings. The good news is that I will have a nanny coming the new year to help with the kids and I expect to have a little more time to dedicate to this project.
Un subscribe from what ?
This thread or the website?
I'll keep lurking around cause I belive you'll eventually get it running again.
The app still works so I can still record tracks and that's a good thing for me.

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