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Originally Posted by windowto View Post
Yes, there is a steering damper made for the Dakar, it is made by RalleMoto in Australia. However, the bad news is that it will not prevent the wobble. I have a 2012 Sertao, which is basically identical to the Dakar, and it wobbles in high speed. It is, however, solid, if I am riding two up. So adding weight on the back makes it stable in my particular case. I have installed the steering damper and it does nothing to the wobble. The bars are not moving perceptibly, if at all, during the wobble. We are trying to figure out on the Sertao thread what might be causing this. Some people reported that the wobble was gone after they have installed aftermarket handle bars. For some it got solid after removing or changing the end weights (vibration absorbers). I personally suspect that it is the weights. I will experiment one day, when I get motivated.

Good luck either way! Sounds like you guys make the best of your lives:).
Yes, and the steering damper is a pretty pricey accessory. I'm still doing some research. I've began to take notice of some others and reviews mentioning the wobble above 60 mph on the Dakrs/Sertao... I've got my son to commit to some off road training this spring if all goes well. That will help him as well.

We only get one life. I try and pass that kind of thinking on to my boy. As a a parent, you want it to be a long and fulfilling one. A life w/o some sort of risks is pretty boring IMHO.

Originally Posted by G-Mac View Post
Could the Dakar plastics not be fitted onto the new ride. In the pictures they still look in good shape?
My boy is 11 and he and I have been riding for a few years now. He has big plans of us riding out west when he gets older, as do I. I try not to let on that I'm not worried as all parents do about riding. But it has been such a wonderful part of my life how could you not share that experience. He is always trying new ways to strap bags on his CRF 100.
He says the Dakar is his choice for a bike when he gets older. However I have herd him say he is going to buy my F800gs off of me when he is old enough.

Either way I think you guys had one heck of a great experience. The good and the not so good.
ATGATT. Is the only way to travel.
Yes, the Dakar plastic can be fitted on the new bike. One side is pretty scuffed up. The front fender and the left side are in really good shape. We both agree that we really like the yellow color scheme better. We have plans for some custom "RubiKon Adventures" Decals for the tank. Black on yellow just looks great IMHO.

It is good that you have introduced your son to riding at a young age. I wish I had done the same. I was too busy doing other adventures when my boy was younger. Mom and I took him on his first back pack trip along the coast when he was 18 mos old. It was all downhill from there. Now that the knees are starting to show some signs of wear and tear, I am taking more and more to the bikes and the kayaks. I suspect that soon he will be moving on with girls, college and such. I've had a good childhood with him. I have no regrets... just one close call.


Tell your son that that F800 GS is a great choice. I've been eyeing the new F800 GS Adventure myself. Not sure why we can never be satisfied with one bike. Human nature I suspect. But the 800 is not such a big ox like my R1200. For more weekend rides, I think I may enjoy that bike better.

Have a happy holiday everyone. I will be planning my adventures for next year. May the wind be to your back, the weather be favorable and the rides memorable.

Take Care, -GrizzLee
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