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Originally Posted by theantipaul View Post
Right now the case is sitting in a bucket of water, here is the aluminum proto, this is close to what it'll look like for the cable, Will need to be siliconed plate and screws, and will live there.
I like this testing... it is just weird if water goes in....
With the roadbooks we had the air pressure kit stand by to clean the roadbooks if water entered the unit....

May be a rubber cable gland will help there. There are some which are tiny and look awesome.
This is awesome. Next thing you know I will be in the market for a used iphone

BTM Dimitri, that schematic for the buttons using the relays came in handy, the way I wired up the switches I couldn't use them in parallel, with relays all is good and they live in the roadbook holder
Always glad to be of service . Just shout !
I have some good wiring suggestions for the two led lights as well.

Keep up the good work man, the community is watching
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