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I heard someone was working on a cable?

Originally Posted by VxZeroKnots View Post
the remote basically negates the need for compromising the case with volume adjustments.
While that would work Jeremy, it would be tough to cut for those itty bitty buttons. Using the remote I can do all I need til the cable gets here. The glass is exposed and you can use every app in there, speedo, map and almost phone, doesn't sound very clear.

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Originally Posted by Balkan Boy View Post

What about overheating of the phone? Being plugged in also adds heat because of the battery charging.
How about leaving it under a 1kW halogen light bulb over night?
This is a very good point and the last thing left to test, it doesn't overheat sitting on the desk charging, but does get warm. In direct sunlight in the desert could be way different, will start with a small shade and go bigger as needed. Might just need to dump water on it every once in a while.

Can't wait to see what else Phil and Rich will be coming up with.

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