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Coming late to the party here, but great trip report! And great pictures! I'm from Yellowknife, NT, Canada, so when it comes to mosquitoes and not getting dark at night in the summer, I knew exactly what you were going through.

My kids told me this thing that's been going around ... "Did you know you only need to cross one country to get from North Korea to Finland?" (or sometimes "North Korea to Norway?") That got me thinking ... what would it be like to do a trip roughly from Murmansk to Vladivostok? (It would be especially cool to start at the Russia/Norway border crossing near Kirkenes/Elvenes in Norway, where the M18/E105 starts, about 215 km from Murmansk, and end at the village of Khasan in Primorsky Krai, just across the Tumen River from North Korea, and about 275 km from Vladivostok.)

Do you know if anyone has done such a trip, especially recently? (I heard that the Zilov Gap has finally been conquered with a road.) This is something I'd love to do in the future some summer; for example, ride around in Europe, then go north through Norway, then ride across Russia, then take the train back from Vladivostok (I assume one can ship a motorcycle on the train somehow).
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