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AHRMA SL350 Getting New Wheels

The wheels on the SL350 were looking pretty shabby; broken spokes, bent rims, rusty and crusty.

Time for a change! The wheels are being sent to Paul Peroli in Renton, WA. Paul will install new allow wheels and spoke kits, not only will they be lighter and stronger, but better looking too!

On the lift;

Putting Luke to work;

Rear wheel ready;

Both wheels ready to ship off and bike on "rollers";

On another note, after talking to Owen Morgan (legendary chief mechanic of Lameco Racing), I'm no longer convinced that my engine problems were strictly carb/jetting related. Owen pointed out that my battery "eliminator" (a very large capacitor) may not be enough for the engine when under full load. With Luke's guidance, we are looking at all options, most likely will install a small gel battery in addition to the capacitor, am also considering some new smaller more efficent coils and eventually electronic ignition (as suggested by Mr Fast).

In the meantime, additional carb needles, jets and pilots have arrived, so no matter the outcome with ignition, we are ready to continue the carb tuning process.

Stay tuned!
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