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Originally Posted by COXR650L View Post
Kamanya and DirtADV thanks for the help and pics I will read through your rebuild thread.

I am torn now with splitting the case after your advise and what has been posted previously. Bike shifts fine and never a false neutral.......but who knows. Part of me would love to yank the heads, new rings clean up the valves and be done in a weekend. But then I would hate for a problem to pop up 2k later that I could have addressed the first time.


One question I have that has not been clear after reading different rebuild threads is how to remove and then replace the main bearings? Do I need the special KTM tool to get the split bearing in and out or is there a shade tree method? I have a shop press, just trying to figure out if the KTM tool is necessary?

I just got up from the garage working on winter maintenance, and this year I figured I'd do a leak down test, since I'm at 65k miles, and the bike has been running a bit off for the last couple months (I think it's a clogged pilot jet, actually). Leak down numbers were great, and I don't feel like I could make the bike perform better or be more reliable by tearing it apart when it seems to be fine shape.

I'll be interested to see what your top end looks like with a few more miles than mine, but I do think you should do a leak down test and make absolutely sure your oil leak is from the base gaskets before you take the motor out and start taking it apart. My 2 cents.

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