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To those of you that haven't done a Mexico trip yet-worry not as for old times are gone as plenty of Mexico is still very much rural in nature. Sure, they'll be standing there along the road, waiting for the bus with a cell phone in the boonies but much is still unchanged! In Chiapas you'll see guys sawing boards with big chain saws. Coffee spread to dry on lots where taxi's park at night or in rural areas spread in their yard on tarps. People carp about the Cuota as a road choice there(like it's the USA slab I-road-which it can be at times) but truth be known some of the newer ones cut through some unchanged rural areas. Almost nowhere has the influence of modern technology not reached but the simple fact of poverty keeps much of Mexico "looking like" it is unchanged-when it actually has. The further you get from fly-in tourism & large Mexican cities the more you can expect it to look like "old Mexico". Some places transform in an hour-such as Mahahaul in southern area of Caribbean coast. When the cruise ships are in the place transforms to suck up ship board $$$ , then just as quickly , ship leaves, money leaves and all is fairly tranquil until next bunch of gringos comes along. Not far away you can get beyond the reach of the shipped in stuff and relax!
Small local tortilla factories are common in neighborhoods & rural shopping towns all over Mexico. No doubt many have been replaced by supermercados-many of which have the tortilla machinery in the bakery.
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