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Originally Posted by racergirl479 View Post
awesome!! after riding with it im just not really a fan. I like my rear brake at my foot and being able to use a clutch when going through town... i dont like riding a "dirt scooter" lol! I am programed with a regular clutch/brake setup since age 8, and dont really want to change it now :)

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There is no reason you can't have a foot brake with the Rekluse, the Rekluse left hand brake is an option and if you have the Z-Start Pro model Rekluse in that bike (which you may not) then you can have a manual clutch override (stock clutch lever) no problem at any time you want to pop the clutch. You do give up engine braking in gear with engine off and depending on how the auto clutch is tuned you compromise in some engine braking performance but there is no reason why you can't have a foot brake and Rekluse at the same time.

I tried the left handed brake option and short of running an extreme enduro I saw no benefit and it got in the way for my hare scrambles so I sent it back.
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