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Originally Posted by CHRIS_D View Post

I been having a lot of problems with the controller's pins staying in contact with it's mounting plate. I have gone through a couple of mounting plates in attempt to prevent this from happening. The pins end up losing contact if you hit controller just right when adjusting volume etc. IMO The mounting plate is too flexible plus there's too much space between the controller's pins and plate. Has Sena done anything to update this mounting plate? Have you heard of this issue before? Thanks!
Hi Chris:

What kind of helmet do you have?

The issue we see most often is this -- the back of the Sena clamp is curved. If the surface of your helmet does not match up with the curvature of the clamp exactly (ie. you can see space or light when sighting down the side of the helmet) then you must use the adhesive mount plate.

What happens is that a helmet that has a very thick bottom edge, like Nolan, Schuberth, or helmets that do not have the proper mating surface to the clamp will cause the plastic vertical part of the clamp to distort and stress. This, in turn, causes pin connection problems to the BT main unit, and often causes the base of the vertical section of the plastic clamp to crack.

If you use the Sena adhesive mount, with our adhesion promoter pad and proper install instructions - on any helmet, the issue will be eliminated as the clamp is now spaced a bit away from the helmet's surface and it will not fall off either. The adhesive mount plate is rather flexible and will match to the contour of a wide range of helmets shells, easily.

Feel free to give us a call, 877.533.4245. We can discuss your particular situation and we'll get you on the right path.
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