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Christ you've got me started now...... More to it than the release agent?

Running tyres in

It is important to understand that running tyres in doesn’t just mean scrubbing-in the tyres surface. Scrubbing a tyres surface is only one of the reasons for running tyres in:
  • A tyre needs to be seated on the wheel.This is not fully achieved when fitting the tyre and it needs to be ridden on with caution to complete the process.
  • In order to achieve optimum performance, the various components of the tyre (belts,tread,strip etc) need to correctly bed in to one another. If not correctly run in, a tyre may not give the best possible performance.
  • When new, a tyre has a very smooth surface and in order to obtain optimum grip, the smooth surface needs to be scrubbed in. At first the bike should be ridden as upright as possible.Gradually, the angle of lean can be increased, always ensuring that a portion of the scrubbed-in tread remains in contact with the road until full lean angles are achieved. During this time the bike should be ridden cautiously.Hard or sudden acceleration and braking should be avoided because optimum traction levels will not be achieved until the running-in process is completed.
Not all manufacturers use releasing agents during the manufacturing process, but for those that do ,the scrubbing-in process will need to take into account the fluid residue as well as the smooth surface.These agents can also contain anti ageing preservatives and this is why the manufacturers do not remove them before shipping to their customers.
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