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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
I drag my new tires behind my truck on the way home from the shop,then use gradually rougher sandpaper on them,I make the kids sand em for hours. Gotta watch the little shits dont make holes in em.
It cuts down on the life of the tire but I sleep better.
Ok lets say for the sake of argument the new tires need to be scrubbed in.

If so they would need to be heated, once a tire is heated and gets really hot they can actually become greasy and that is when they do get dangerous. Nothing you will encounter on the street, or rather should. However it is something on the track that people need to be concerned about.

Tires also get harder with every heat cycle, those tires which are five years old do not have near the traction of a nice shiny new tire ya'll are afraid of. Yet you would not hesitate to jump on said tire simply because "they are not new"
Sanding your tire even if there was this mythical slickness on the tire would do absolutely nothing.

Learn to ride, quit making excuses, once ya'll learn to trust your tires life becomes much, much better.
Until then your own stiffness and fear will help cause an accident, which is what happens to people who then believe "THE TIRE WAS SLICK" no it was cold, you were stiff, your over reactions translated into the steering geometry making you fall down go boom.

New race tires have already been heat cycled and prepped for use. Street tires receive none of this prep work.
I brought this up at Lances advanced riding clinic, he shooed it off. I have no reason to believe otherwise and combined with his massive experience not only with himself, but with some of the top riders in America and the world, I will take his advice any day of the week.
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