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Originally Posted by soggysandwich View Post
To..The Blurr......
you ride an old klr650....what the fuck do you know about how new sportbike tires feel after they are just mounted and balanced?

the first few miles always feel like riding on marbles or ice,,especially if you ride on hilly/curving roads....not so much in pool table flat Florida.....

I will continue to listen to my 60 yrs of riding experience [ have my own tire changing machine}...and not some douch bag trying to impress others with shit he read on the internet.

of course at the acceleration and speed that a KLR 650 generates ,,,,, you will have no problem with them dirt tires

Merry Christmas
I am putting this out there so people can start figuring out their own mistakes, rather than placing blame where it is not.
Unless people can look critically at their own mistakes, they cannot improve as a rider.
Your Attitude was predominant within many industries, one for example led to the creation of the FAA and studies to look into what was happening with plane crashes. From those studies we learned that most situations are caused by human error, the same goes for any other mechanical device the vast majority of the time.
I did own a go cart track for a time, and every single time someone ate shit, it was the carts fault, bad tires, it would not steer, or any other bullshit excuse other than their poor skills.
As for me
I have been to a Suspension clinic & Advanced Rider clinic, I would like to take the both over again every couple of years money providing.

Been riding for 37 years now and I KNOW that I will always continue to learn, I am not so arrogant as to assume otherwise, sad you are.

Happy Solstice
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