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Originally Posted by MT Wallet View Post
Ok Blurr, what got you started on this? If my tire looks and feels slick-I'm scuffing it in, it's mine, why do you care?. Some tire mfg.'s coat their tires, like one poster said, to protect the tire in shipping and while it sits on the shelf. I'm going to speculate that some racers who get their tires provided (hand picked) by a mfg. don't have to worry about protective coatings. They know they're going directly to the track not a dealers shelf. So sure, from their perspective and experience, their tires don't need scuffing in. If you want to jump on the throttle with a new tire-go for it. If you fall down and go boom no crying about it. I'm old. I didn't get that way by being reckless.
Agreed. Clearly, some of us (myself included) have direct first-person experience with the phenomena that the OP claims does not exist. Maybe it is less common than in the past, but it clearly does exist to some extent. If some of us take care to scuff/clean/abrade a tire before fully stressing it, what's the harm? I don't think anyone is saying "I'm an awesome rider and these darn tires made me crash." We are just saying that it is something that people should be aware of in case it happens to them.
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