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Originally Posted by Louis Wambsganss View Post
Agreed. Clearly, some of us (myself included) have direct first-person experience with the phenomena that the OP claims does not exist. Maybe it is less common than in the past, but it clearly does exist to some extent. If some of us take care to scuff/clean/abrade a tire before fully stressing it, what's the harm? I don't think anyone is saying "I'm an awesome rider and these darn tires made me crash." We are just saying that it is something that people should be aware of in case it happens to them.
But its not, more than likely the feeling you are associating with being slick tires are simply going from tires which have less shape to them, your new ones will have more and not that flat spot which you became accustomed to. Trust me, when you put on a new set your bike will turn quicker do to this phenomenon.
Tires with more shape (all tires via different brands, or tread) will have a different handling characteristic, and you should take that into account anytime you start to ride until you are familiar.

But whatever, this entire debate reminds me of religion "Well just in case I will pray" PFFFTTT

People should take a track day, what an eye opener to realize what a crap rider you really are.

Oh and if you really think your slick tires are at fault for making you wreck, do you really think that during varying rode conditions, slick roads, lines, ect that your tires do not lose some grip? Are you afraid then?
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